Tuesday, 12 February, 2013

Watermelon experiment

The watermelon carpaccio from Mugaritz is known to almost everyone. Loving the idea and having 2 watermelons left, we started a little experiment on freeze – thawing and dehydrating whole watermelons.

First we peeled the watermelon to just leave a thin layer of the peel on them. We pickled the white part of the peel in kaffir lime leaf brine, the green part tends to be very tough. 



We froze them for 24 hours, if you use very big watermelons freeze them for 48 hours so they are frozen to the core. Then defrost until completely thawed, approximately another 12 hours.


repeat the process 3 times to break the fibers. you will end up with a lot of clear watermelon juice which can be use for granite, cocktails, mocktails, ice cubes,…


dry the watermelon at 90 degree celsius for 10-12 hours.



we are still working on dishes using this watermelon, sweet and savory. it is not very sweet, the texture reminds of semi dried tomato. 


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