Tuesday, 5 March, 2013

Recipe from Illustrious Magic with Roberto Cortez

Citrus oil from “Mystical” – miso egg yolk, tuna, katsuboshi, bitter green sphere, soursop




      5 g  lime zest

   20 g  long lime zest

     7 g  orange zest

100 g lemon grass

  58 g pomello zest

  33 g lime leaves

 25 g ginger

250 g grape seed oil
1. make sure all the zest is clean and without pith
2. crush and chop the lemongrass and ginger
3. add all ingredients in the thermo mix and blend until fine
4. set on 70 degree and heat for 5-10 minutes (after the temperature is reached)
5. keep on smelling while heating, when the aromas start stop right away
6. transfer into a container, cool down fast and infuse for a minimum of 24 hours
7. strain threw a super bag

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Friday, 11 May, 2012


Also known as Qi Xing Zhen in Chinese. The rare plant is thought to have medicinal properties against cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes, though no concrete scientific evidence has been found. 

The pereskia saecnarosa, or Rose Cactus, is typically made into a tea.


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Tuesday, 1 May, 2012

Daniel Jorda and 2am: lab talk bread

2am: lab hosts Daniel Jorda for a week during the World gourmet submit. 

One of the top bread makers in Europe, Daniel Jorda’s humble background and creativity has touched the chefs at 2am: lab.

We collaborated to make a 7 course meal where bread took centre stage of the dinner for the first time. 

Different flavors and textures of bread were incorporated into the courses. (more photos can be viewed in our gallery) 

When he first arrived, we took him to Ghim moh market where he tasted most of the local delights and bought much local herbs and fruits for the dinner and workshop. 


   Daniel Rolling the annatto crispy bread for one of the courses. 


Annatto bread recipe coming soon… 


 One of the highlights was Daniel using our fermented ginger juice to incorporate it in his starter and used this to make some pancakes for one of the courses. 

Daniel loves using spices, dried herbs and vegetables in his bread and it was wonderful seeing him being inspired by our flavor wall and picking ingredients from the wall for use in his bread. 

 Making squid ink mini buns

 Tasted good on its own and can be used for mini burger buns

Another bread he made for pre dinner course. one of his favorites…. 


250g            whole wheat bread flour
130g water
15g butter
10g baker yeast
5g sea salt
1tbsp            oregano leaves
1tbsp            rosemary leaves
Extra virgin olive oil 


15g water
15g extra virgin olive oil
2g sea salt


 Daniel making mini coconut buns with desiccated coconut

Making bread sculptures for petit 4s. 

Chef daniel and the 2am: lab chefs, made some experiments with the dough with flour, salt and water. 



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Thursday, 1 March, 2012

Ayako Suwa at 2am: lab

Planning for In the lake dish

Inspired by our local product banana flower. 

Ayako and 2am: lab chefs in Oh farm picking herbs for this dish  

 Tasting weeds from the ground. Taste: earthy, moist, slightly bitter aftertaste, grassy.

 Jasmine flowers in excess in farms after chinese new year season 

  Available at Tekka Market. Gotu Kola 


 Into the wee hours of the night. Discussions continue with the dishes

 Tasting the different dashi made for in the lake. How different the tastes are even with the first and second boil. 


 In the lake…. 

A glass bowl with different dry seaweeds, mini prawn, sea snails, salmon caviar, basil seeds and water plants. 


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