Thursday, 3 January, 2013

Recipes from Will Goldfarbs Workshop & Dinner

Alcohol bubbles on the beauty and the beast

the beauty and the beast


Product: Sucrose ester

250 grams Bourbon
250 grams Apple juice

100 grams Grand Marnier
50 grams Pernod
150 grams Pomelo juice

100 grams Lime juice

50 grams Mangosteen puree

100 grams Syrup
10g Sucrose ester (Sucro)


Bring Syrup and Sucrose ester to a boil, whisking carefully.

Add juices off heat, and then alcohols, emulsifying with a hand blender.

Strain, and reserve until needed.


Sucrose ester

Sucrose esters are obtained by esterifying sucrose with edible fatty acids from palm oil.  This enables them to be used as emulsifiers in virtually all food products.  All sucrose esters can be declared as ‘emulsifier E473’ or ‘sucrose esters’.

Sucrose esters are used in many food categories such as bakery, confectionery, cereals, dairy, ice cream and sauces.  Manufacturers have multiple reasons to work with sucrose esters, for example it can improve the production process by reducing mixing time or keeping viscosities low.  Sucrose esters are also more and more used in low fat alternatives.  In these products the mouth feel provided by fat has to be maximised, an emulsifier makes the fat globules much smaller and therefore provides good eating properties.  A bakery product will have a finer crumb structure and a softer texture, the stability of dairy or sauces will be improved, the texture of a mousse finer and ice cream a better flavour.

Although sucrose esters are categorised as emulsifiers their function is not only emulsification.  Functions such as aeration, texturisation, protein protection or starch interaction and fat or sugar crystallisation are often used.  Sucrose esters are unique in a way that they can boost other emulsifiers and improve the air bubble structure or prevent proteins from browning or keep starches from early staling.  The effect on sugar and fat crystallisation is primarily used in confections to prevent fat bloom in chocolate and to accelerate crystallisation in fine grained sugar confection.



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Thursday, 10 November, 2011


Another side experiment.

This was conducted for Will goldfarb’s Fairy tale dinner.

Task: achieve a “volcanic” reaction for Jack & the Beanstalk

Clear transparent bubbles

40g Vegetable stock

30g egg whites

1) Blend the 2 ingredients together and pour over crushed dry ice




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