2am:lab is slated to be a meaningful,
non-profit expansion of
2am:dessertbar's philosophies of discovery, innovation and education.

2am:lab’s Mission

Chef Janice Wong’s vision is simple – to pave the way for culinary aficionados around the world to be inspired to create new flavours, textures and techniques. Chef Janice Wong shares, “2am:lab is a sanctuary created for chefs and artists to create, experiment and discover the undiscovered. I do not want to be re-creating but to create delicious food that is completely undiscovered. I hope that with 2am:lab, we get to inspire future culinary talents to be more creative and progressive with their dishes.”

To benefit future culinary researchers, 2am:lab will document the results and compile the developments into an archive. Being able to share the information and techniques developed in the 2am:lab with the industry and public via different media and mediums is an integral part of its mission in spreading awareness and public education about the culinary arts. With equipment for shoots and recording, 2am:lab can allow for televised culinary programmes and provide an ideal place to host local and international media.

Guest Chef Residency Program
2am:lab will invite international guest chefs at least four times a year. During the guest chefs’ stay at 2am:lab, they will lead workshops on new culinary techniques. These workshops will be primarily for culinary professionals. At the end of their stay, the guest chefs will return to their home countries with observations they have made. Resultant findings developed at the lab will be unique to Singapore and the hope is 2am:lab will further share this through cooking classes, demonstrations, and tie-ups with local institutions.

On top of the Guest Chef Residency Programme, 2am:lab will host private dinners at least twice a month to serve dishes and techniques that have been created. This allows chefs to share their resultant findings from the workshop and in turn educate and enable the general public to taste the new culinary expressions.

The workshops and dinners are by reservation only, with limited spaces each time.

Key Partnerships
To expand its research capacity, 2am:lab will work closely with Republic Polytechnic. The partnership grants 2am:lab access to the school’s research facilities and equipment in different departments such as pharmaceutical, material science and food. This allows 2am:lab to conduct basic testing of shelf life, texture, moisture, color and water activity. In addition, it allows 2am:lab to tap on the expertise of Food Science researchers at Republic Polytechnic. Senior students from Republic Polytechnic will also be attached to the lab to work on selected research projects during the year.

“Republic Polytechnic is committed to fostering an environment of learning for the benefit of society. We are happy to work with Chef Janice Wong and support her vision of pushing the boundaries in the culinary arts. We hope that this partnership will arouse the innovative spirit in our students and apply this attitude in their work,” said Mr. John Ho, Manager, Technology Development Centre, from the School of Applied Science at Republic Polytechnic.

The lab’s main sponsor is premium home appliance manufacturer, Miele. “At Miele, we believe in encouraging innovation in the culinary industry. It is part of our overarching commitment to investing in the future and to fostering an appreciation for good food in this region.  Thus when Chef Janice Wong approached us with this venture in mind, it was not difficult to see the potential 2am:lab has. We are proud to be part of this landmark effort to encourage thought leadership among Asia’s culinary talent,” says Mario Miranda, Managing Director of Miele Pte Ltd.

STB will support Chef Janice Wong’s vision to bring together different culinary talents from around the world to 2am:lab and allow them to learn about Singapore’s vibrant culinary scene. The lab is the perfect space for chefs to consolidate new knowledge that they have accumulated in Singapore and subsequently to share with their respective counterparts in their home countries.

Ms. Aw Kah Peng, Chief Executive of the STB said, “2am:lab is a visionary concept that will bring about a tremendous confluence of ideas among culinary talents from all over the world. It will encourage greater interaction and innovation amongst chefs and food lovers alike, and help reshape the culinary scene in Singapore and beyond.   We are proud to be associated with 2am:lab and believe this project will further energise our local F&B industry, and in the process, enhance Singapore’s position as a hub for culinary innovation.”