Chef Janice Wong

Owner and Founder of 2am:dessertbar and 2am:lab


Boundless – this word aptly sums up Chef Janice Wong. Her refined and ever-evolving dessert creations began with her studies at Le Cordon Bleu Paris, arguably the world’s best culinary school, to pursue a career in pastry.

Dissatisfied with how desserts were never the highlight of a meal, she actively sought to change this perception with the opening of 2am: dessertbar. Her never ending passion for culinary art has propelled her forward to test the limits of dessert making, including constantly blurring the boundaries between sweet and savoury.

Eager to perfect her craft, Chef Janice Wong worked in numerous respected restaurants in Singapore, Paris, New York, Chicago, Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastian and Majorca. Her many stages have given her the opportunity to work alongside celebrated chefs such as Gunther Hubrechsen, Loretta Fanella, Oriol Balaguer, Arzak, Will Goldfarb, Alex Stupak and Pierre Herme among others.

On top of her participation in many globally recognised culinary events (see appendix), Chef Janice Wong was the lone representative from Asia for Valrhona C3 @ Madrid Fusion 2010, the forefront global gastronomic forum. In 2011, she was invited back by STB to co-host the opening dinner for Madrid Fusion with Andre Chiang.

To celebrate the success of Chef/Owner Janice Wong’s maiden venture, she is looking towards expansion and has chosen to embark on an exciting new culinary adventure.

Instead of opening another branch, Chef Janice Wong has opted to create 2am:lab, a meaningful, non-profit expansion of 2am:dessertbar’s philosophies.

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Chef Derrick Wong


Armed with his Diploma in Patisserie from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu in London, Chef Derrick Wong has amassed for himself an impressive amount of expertise in his time at 2am:dessertbar.

Together with Chef Janice Wong, he has participated in various key events for luxury brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Fendi and Vertu, that showcased his fantastic deconstructed desserts and pastry skills.

He has been presented with amazing opportunities: working alongside ‘Dessert Wizard’, Chef Will Goldfarb of New York’s Room4Dessert during the World Gourmet Summit. Having conducted a chocolate and dessert workshop at the internationally acclaimed Savour Chocolate and Pastry School in Melbourne, as well as participating in the Sydney Food Festival 2010, his passion is in the research and development of creative sweet treats with the latest, modern techniques.

2011 has seen Chef Derrick participate in Madrid Fusion’s opening night, as well as his debut on Japan’s TV show ‘Asian Ace’.

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