Wednesday, 27 February, 2013

Recipe Ambedo dinner collaboration with Mauricio Montiel from dolce nero #2




Marinated prawn 

   8  pc      prawn

  50 g        sake


-       sous vide the prawn and the sake, marinate for 20 min

-       using a skewer to maintain the shape of the prawn while flashing it in a pan

-       serve cold


Mushroom powder

30 g                dry shitake

  5 g                 nori

  1 g                 salt


-       blend all ingredients in the thermomix to a powder

-       sieve



Toasted black sesame seed biscuit

 133 g              black sesame paste

157 g              egg whites

  65 g              yolks

  32 g              flour

  10 g              sesame oil

   2 g                salt

   3                   siphon charges


-       melt the coverture and chocolate butter, set aside

-       sieve the flour and ginger

-       mix the egg whites, yolks, flour, black sesame paste, sesame oil and salt

-       pour the mix into a 500g siphon and charge with 3 charges

-       shake well, then rest in the fridge for 10 min

-       cut the base of disposal cups cross wise

-       fill 1/3 of the cup with the mix

-       cook in the microwave for 20 seconds on 1000 watt




Black transparence

500 g              water

  80 g              tapioca flour

    4 g               squid ink

 0,5 g               salt


-       boil water, salt and tapioca flour until the mixture starts thickening

-       add the squid ink and spread the mix thin on a silpat

-       back on 80 degrees Celsius for 60 min

-       take off the silpat and portion


aromatic Chocolate Dressing


40 g                chocolate 28%

32 g                olive oil

12g                 coriander seeds


-       toast the coriander seeds

-       warm the olive oil pour over the seeds and infuse for 30 min

-       with a pestle and mortal, crack the seeds in the oil and strain

-       melt the chocolate and mix with the oil

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