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Pork belly – rabbit loin – leek & rose – black garlic – parsley puree / part 2


rabbit loins

2 nos         rabbit loins with belly meat (about 250g)

    5g          five spice powder



400g         water

100g         yuzu juice

  50g          sea salt


  • bring all ingredients to the boil & cool down
  • brine belly meat for 4 min & loins for 8 min
  • remove and rest in the fridge for 24 hours
  • dust belly meat on the inside with five spice powder
  • wrap around the loin
  • using 4 layers of cling film wrap meat into cylinder shape
  • close airtight and poach at 75 degree for 10 min
  • refresh in ice water and keep in the fridge
  • before serving remove cling film
  • fry on low heat until golden brown
  • rest on 55-60 degree for 10 min and cut in disks



  50g          rose petals

100g          red wine vinegar

100g          water

    2g           salt

    2g          sugar


  • heat all ingredients besides the rose petals in a pot
  • pour the liquid over the rose petals
  • marinate for minimum of 24 hours
  • cut petals into 5 mm dices



1 nos         Leek, mature

    5g          butter, salted


  • wash the leek to remove all dirt
  • cut of the green top, reserve for puree
  • blanch white part in salted water until soft
  • remove outside layers and fill with diced rose petals
  • cut core into disks
  • for service heat leek disks in 60g water and butter


parsley puree

1000g       parsley, flat / Italian

                  green leek trimming

                  salt & olive oil, amount depends on parsley & leek



  • pick parsley leaves and wash together with leek
  • puree leaves and leek with cold water until fine
  • strain through a fine sieve, push out as much liquid as possible
  • heat the liquid in a pot until the chlorophyle seperats into flakes
  • add ice cubes to stop the cooking emidiatly
  • strain through cheese cloth and reserve puree
  • before service season with salt and oil to taste
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