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In the middle of last year, I came across some blogs, videos and photos featuring I’m a Kombo from Copenhagen.

Bo Lindegaard and Lasse Askov, both chefs classical trained, turned their backs on the way things usually are for chefs.

Creating a creative island in the sea of ex-noma sous chef restaurants in Copenhagen, their philosophy goes way beyond food, The Social Acts are very intelligent constructed dining experiences.


After many conversations via mail and skype, we had the basic concept settled for the collaboration of I’m a Kombo and 2am:lab in Singapore, taking music theory as a base and constructing the dinner based on the set up of an album. Their idea of constructing a beat box that will give the rhythm for the whole meal, while being controlled by the guests, was first hard to understand but ended up being a really essential fun element.


Interaction is just one part. Confronting the guests with different tasks (opening wine and pouring it for the other guests or finishing a cake together as a group) strangers become companions on a journey conducted, but not totally controlled by the hosts.

Instructions from bo and lasse do not feel like orders as In many restaurants, where the maître tells you a specific way to eat the food. It is more like being at a friend’s house being asked to give them a hand with something.

The longer the night, the stronger the feeling of a social gathering becomes. It is not a dinner with strangers anymore,

It is a Social Act.


For a detailed presentation on I’m a Kombo – Control & Coincidence by Bo & Lasse watch the youtube video from the WGS2013 jam session



Food being obviously the main reason to come for a dinner, it becomes secondary very quickly. Not that I’m a kombo’s food is boring or not tasty, their food is very tasty, creative and comforting. The food is the kick start for everything by sharing the culinary and conceptual experiences, the guests have a starting level of social interaction. It does not matter where you from, what you do and where you going to be, right now they are all in the same place and share the same new experience.



One of their signature dishes is the passion fruit.

Mint jelly injected into a whole passion, simple at a first look, but on a second it is very smart.

Like a Kinder Egg for grown-ups, it is looks like a normal passion fruit, you get to cut it open with a knife and there is a surprising filling.


Summarizing the experience of collaborating with Bo and Lasse, they went really deep into detail of what is a good night. Some of the best nights in our live were not in a 3 star restaurant, the best nights were together with old and new friends, sharing good food and drinks, talking about everything and nothing.

to get a little impression of how the dinner was,

Dinner Gallery 

Big Tak to Bo, Lasse and Pawel!

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