Punica Granatum

Pomegranate is native to Persia, and is a fruit-bearing deciduous shrub or small tree growing between five and eight meters tall. It is now mostly grown is India, Africa and the United States, where there is a consistent, hot climate. The plant has opposite, narrow leaves with a glossy surface, approximately 5 cenimetres in length. Its attractive flowers are bright red with 5 petals, from which the edible fruit grows. Pomegranates are considered berries, measuring 5-12 centimetres with a rounded hexagonal shape. It has a thick, red-orange skin with an abundance of seeds, some pomegranates have up to 850 seeds per fruit. Each seed has a surrounding water-laden pulp—the edible aril—ranging in color from white to deep red or purple. The seeds are embedded in a white, spongy, astringent pulp. Its flavour is citrus, a sweet and tart juicy fruit prized its pulp and juice.

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