Thymus x Citriodorus

A culinary, medicinal herb used by the ancient Egyptians for embalming. Widely cultivated for its strong flavor, the herb is widely used in cooking as a basic ingredient to flavour meat, soup and stew, particularly lamb, tomatoes and eggs. Despite being flavourful, lemon thyme does not overwhelm and blends well with other herbs and spices, and more popularly used in desserts and seafood dishes.

Known for its therapeutic and possibly anti-ageing properties, herbal tea infusions are used as an effective remedy to relieve coughs and bronchitis, muscle spasms, and a tight chest. Due to its antiseptic qualities, thyme that is boiled in water and cooled proves as an effective anecdote against throat inflammations if gargled three times a day.

A close relative of thyme, the leaves of the lmon thyme plant include a distinctive lemon flavour on top of the already pugent, warn flavor of regular thyme. In Jamaica, thyme tea is consumed by the mother after the baby is born, in traditional childbirth practice. 


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