Dried Shredded Daikon Raddish

Native to continental Asia, the Kiriboshi Daikon is now largely produced in Kyushu Japan. Despite being slightly pungent during the drying process, the sweetness and intensity of the fiber and mineral content is brought out during which.

Arguably among the most popular dried vegetables in Japan, the kiriboshi daikon, which translates to dried shredded daikon radish, are often found on the shelves of Japanese grocery stores. The drying process is thought to bring out the vegetable’s sweetness, aside from highlighting its fiber and mineral content.

Due to its high fiber and low calories, the dried vegetables serve as great pairings to various dishes, and are common ingredients in Japanese cuisine. Daikon sprouts, or kaiware, are popular garnish for salads and sushi.

Aside from being a natural digestive rich in vitamins A, C and E, the root is used effectively as a natural remedy for a hangover, for which only a cupful of grated daikon is required. Also thought to aid in the digestion of oil foods, the kiriboshi daikon is often found in the dipping sauce for tempura and other similarly deep dried foods.


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