Dill Flower
Peucedanum graveolens

Thought to have roots in the Anglo-Saxon or Norse word “dylle”, which means to soothe or lull, the Dill plant is known to have carminative properties in relieving fluctuation.

Like Caraway, the leaves of the Dill plant are aromatic and used extensively in many countries as herbs and/or flavouring in many foods, including cured salmon, borscht and soups. Occasionally, the flower is used instead to flavor pickles, and is best used fresh lest its flavor is lost rapidly when dried. However, freeze-dried Dill leaves are known to retain their flavour relatively well for a few months.

Known to have been used in medieval English medicine to ease many illnesses including jaundice, headache, boils, lack of appetite, stomach problems, nausea and liver problems.

Fresh seeds of the Dill Flower are green in colour.


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