Prunus Avium

The cherry tree is a flowering deciduous tree, native to native to Europe, west Turkey, northwest Africa, and western Asia. It belongs to the same genus as prunes and plums, with smaller fruit, which are round with a depression at the apex and smooth skin ranging in colour from pale to deep red. The tree generally grows to a height of about 15 – 32 metres, with a distinct reddish-brown bark and rows of horizontal lenticels that are greyish on young trees and turn a dark brown on older trees. It has large leaves ranging in size from 5-10 centimetres in length with finely toothed edges, with a green or reddish petiole 2–3.5 cm long bearing two to five small red glands. Its perfect five petaled white flowers are arranged in umbels with yellow stamens, and are hermaphroditic. Wild cherries are best in mid-summer, variably sweet to somewhat astringent and bitter to eat fresh; with a hard shelled stone housing the seed within the fruit. The wild cherry supplies the worlds’ most commercial cultivar of the fruit.

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