Ceratonia Siliqua

The carob tree is a flowering evergreen shrub that is native to the Mediterranean, also found growing in the wild. The tree reaches 15 metres in height with pinnate leaves, each with 6 to 10 oval, leathery and dark green opposite leaflets measuring approximately 4 centimetres long. The tiny red flowers are in short, slender racernes borne in clusters along the branches. Carob trees produce edible seedpods that bear a resemblance in flavour to cocoa, and have been used in culinary preparations since antiquity .Non-fleshy and bean-like, the carob would not be generally regarded as a fruit, in the food-use sense, except for its sweetness. The pods are light- to dark-brown, oblong, flattened, straight or slightly curved, with a thickened margin; measuring 10-30 centimetres long and approximately 2 centimetres wide, glossy, tough and fibrous. It is filled with soft, semi-translucent, pale-brown pulp, scant or plentiful, and 10 to 13 flattened, very hard seeds which are loose in their cells and rattle when the pod is fully ripe and dry.

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