Carum Carvi

Caraway is a biennial that takes two years for full life cycle, which dies after producing seeds. It can grow to 30-80cm with foliage that is frilly, often mistaken for the foliage of carrots. It has a thick root, similar to a parsnip, with hollow fluted stems. The clusters of small flowers are white, yellow or green. The seed are brownish in colour, have 5 ridges and are slightly cresent shaped reembling cumin; the two are often confused in Asia. It is commercially cultivated all over Europe as well as in Turkey, India and North African. In culinary usage, the spice has a sweet warm aroma with a flavour similar to aniseed and fennel. It is best known internationally for its use in rye bread, but is used abundantly in German, Austraian, Scandinavian and Eastern Europe.

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