Physalis Peruviana

Cape gooseberry is native to high-altitude, tropical Colombia, Chile and Peru, a herbaceous perennial plant usually reaching 3/4 metre in height. It has ribbed, often purplish, spreading branches, and nearly opposite, velvety, heart-shaped, pointed, randomly-toothed leaves 10 centimetres long. Its flowers grow from the leaf axils, bell shaped and yellow with dark purple spots on the inner petals, and cupped by a papery calyx. After the flower falls, the calyx expands, ultimately forming a straw-colored husk much larger than the fruit it encloses. The berry is round and 2 centimetres wide, with smooth, glossy, orange-yellow skin and juicy pulp containing numerous very small yellowish seeds. When fully ripe, the fruit is sweet but with a pleasing grape-like tang. The husk is bitter and inedible.

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