Leurites Moluccana

Candlenut trees are a flowering tree from the Spurge family, native to the tropical northern rainforests of Australia, the Moluccas Islands, Malaysia, and are found on many islands in the South Pacific. It has pale green leaves that are ovate or trilobed measuring 15 centimeters in length. Its nut is round and measures 4 centimeteres in diameter, cream-colored with soft, oily seeds within a hard-shelled nut. They bear a close resemblance in appearance, texture and flavour to macadamia nut, though mildly toxic when raw, losing its toxicity on roasting or cooking. Uncooked candle nuts have little discernible fragrance and a soapy, bland flavor. Roasted slivers or shavings of candle nut have a pleasing, nutty, almond-like flavor without the background bitterness characteristic of almonds. It is most commonly used in Indonesian, Malay or Hawaiian cuisine.

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