Prunus Armeniaca

Apricots, also known as the American plum, are well-known fruits is native to the Asian regions of Himalaya, China, Armenia, grown in climates ranging from sub-tropical to temperate and Mediterranean. The trees are very prolific: and can reach 3-4 metres in height and yield fruit for up to 20-25 years. They have ovate, pointy-tipped leaves measuring 5-10 centimetres in length, and small light pink flowers. The apricot fruit is nearly round with a depression at the top where the stem attached. They have a vertical indentation that starts at the stem and goes down one side. The skin is yellow-orange to pink-orange and feels soft and smooth. The inner seed can be eaten and has a taste very similar to almonds, but it contains small quantities of cyanide and should therefore be consumed with caution. They are mostly cultivated and exported from Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and Greece.

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